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Equisol Pre-Oiled Timber from Gympie Sawmill


Equisol lets timber breathe.

Equisol Products from Gympie SawmillWe use and recommend the range of Equisol professional timber stabilising products, owned and made in Australia for our extreme environment.

Equisol penetrates into the timber, stabilising the moisture content to minimise warping and cracking. The unique formula allows moisture to escape, instead of trapping it inside the timber, where it causes damage and decay. 

Equisol comes as a clear oil with a signature matt finish to retain the natural grain and feel of wood. For rich colour that maintains natural timber character without shine, add a Colour Tone from the range of 6 architectural colours.

The environmentally-friendly linseed oil base is formulated with mould and algae inhibitors to resist black mould growth while nourishing and preserving the timber. Enhanced UV absorbers control the harsh effects of sunlight exposure.

Suitable for use on new and bare timber, decks, railings, garden furniture, cladding, soffits, interior panelling and exposed beams, or transforming previously coated timber, and rejuvenating old, weathered timber.

Easy application and maintenance with no cracking, peeling or blistering.

Use the Equisol system of specialised preparation formulas to give your timber the best chance against the elements.

Gympie Sawmill now offers a pre-oiling service for a range of timber.

Equisol 360 protection

Machine coated with Equisol on all four sides for a better finish.

Pre-protect your next project before the timber is delivered to site. Equisol penetrates into the timber, allowing moisture and heat to escape, whilst retaining the natural feel of wood. Formulated for the extreme Australian environments.

Available for a range of timbers. Can be applied to decking, cladding, lining and many other products.

6 architect colours or clear

Equisol Colours

Timber is pre-oiled with one coat of clear Equisol, ready for a second top coat with choice of colour after installation.

Click here to download the Equisol Pre-Oiled Timber Product Information sheet – 462 KB PDF file

Click here to visit the Equisol website or contact James at Gympie Sawmill (Ph 0428 657 816) for more information on Equisol Timber Stabilising Products.

Equisol Products from Gympie Sawmill